Emotional Mastery with Women

Emotions VS Logic There are 2 main types of forces that affect and motivate us. These forces can be divided into Logic and Emotions. As men, we tend to have a very logical base, and that’s what mainly affects our behavior. However, and this was also shown by many studies, women tend to be different

NEW Video – How to Change a Woman’s Mind

Word Up!! Have you ever seen a monkey feeding a goose? Have you ever seen a tiger befriending a gazelle? Nope. You haven’t because those things don’t happen. It is anti-natural if you will. Animals as rule feed only their own kind. Predators don’t befriend their prey. They exceptions confirm the rule. Have you ever

Christmas PUA

Hey guys, Happy Holidays, and Merry Christmas. This is the time of year where we face our family’s and get a bit of a reality check. Maybe that’s why I’ve spent the last three Christmas’ away from home? But then again, it could just be because I hate the cold. I realize that a lot